Suitable projects are accepted by the inm up until October the 15th, to start the following year. Please use a separate application form for each individual project, which can be found here (hyperlink)

A completed application (written in German) entails:

- Application form
- Detailed project description
- Detailed costs and finance plan (please see template)
- Endorsement from a venue in Berlin

Optional additional information:

- Selected previous concerts or projects
- artist C.V.
- additional material

Please note that your application requires 8 copies for the Jury. Please be aware that uncompleted applications and late entries will not be considered for funding. A dated postmark on the deadline day is accepted.

Recognised costs are:

- Rehearsals with artists to develop, learn and eventually publicly perform a program or repertoire in relation the project.
- External project based composition fees.
- The production of sound or image media if it is indeed necessary to the artistic realisation of the project. There can be no commercial gain from such production.
- All production or event costs within the context of the event e.g. Advertisement costs (design, production and distribution of flyers, brochures, tickets, etc). Travel costs to Berlin likewise accommodation in Berlin (within the context of the German Travel Expenses Act), technical kosten, rent (locations, instruments, equipment etc), GEMA fees, the according Artist Social Security costs with regards to artist fees, foreign tax.

Unrecognised costs:

- Rent for long term office space, costs for fax, telephone, internet, utilities, account management likewise journal/magazine/newspaper subscriptions. Funding cannot be used for extra expenses e.g. food, flowers, etc. Taxi costs can only be claimed in exceptional circumstances, in which a which a written permission is required (the existing regulations on travel expenses apply). The production of only a CD or a publication will not be funded.


Projektantrag als PDF-Dokument
Vorlage Finanzierungsplan


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