The initiative neue musik berlin (inm) was founded in 1991, shortly after the fall of the Wall, with the support of the Berlin Cutural Senate. The inm’s mission is to give a collective voice to the independent New Music scene in Berlin.

The inm is an association of musicians, ensembles, composers, musicologists, cultural managers, and organizers who are active in the field of contemporary music. An aesthetically and structurally open institution, its main effort is to secure and improve the working and production conditions for New Music.

The inm is supported by the Berlin Cultural Senate. Projects in the field of contemporary music can apply once a year for funding. The inm’s jury is elected every second year by all members of the inm.

field notes explores, observes and documents current developments in the contemporary music scene in Berlin and offers an overview on events and concerts.

field notes

field notes is a central resource of information and mentoring for the contemporary music scenes in Berlin provided by inm – the initiative neue musik berlin e.V. Its goals are to strengthen and improve production conditions for the independent contemporary music scenes in Berlin, and to raise public awareness of social relevance of the art form.

By connecting and catalysing the rich potential of Berlin's contemporary music scene, field notes actively raises general interest in new music. It gathers information on events and developments in the contemporary music scene and presents them online at www.field-notes.berlin and in the bimonthly field notes magazine. Each year in September, the Month of Contemporary Music promotes current works by Berlin ensembles, artists and composers, in established concert halls as well as in independent venues. The festival’s focus is on today's music and attracting new audiences.

To strengthen the scene itself, field notes offers free consultations, workshops and events. It encourages and stimulates reflection on the role of contemporary music in today's society and supports the international network of the Berlin scene in particular, raising the city’s increasing importance as a meeting and creating place for international professionals. An annual conference on contemporary music invites dialogue and ideas on intercultural cooperation, international networks, and artistic practices in global contexts, and connects actors based in Berlin with professionals from around the world.