Stefan Kraus
Do, 21/03/2019, 19:00 Uhr

Free International Drumming III

im Rahmen des Akademie-Projektes "Wo kommen wir hin"

Drumming is one of the most practised musical and ritual forms of expression throughout the world, which is shaped by regional influences but comprehensible on a global scale. It is precisely this group of instruments in all their diversity that are predestined to incorporate and transform the impulses of different worlds, as is characteristic of the drumming of Robyn Schulkowsky and Manos Tsangaris. With "Free International Drumming III", they both assess the reality and future of their long-standing "conversation with drums” once again. Followed by a discussion on the opening of the preparatory office for "Wo kommen wir hin", which is an interdisciplinary project of the Academy of Arts.

  • Improvisationen

Robyn Schulkowsky, Schlagzeug
Manos Tsangaris, Schlagzeug

Impulse unterschiedlicher Lebenswelten fließen in den improvisatorischen Schlagzeugdialog von Robyn Schulkowsky und Manos Tsangaris ein.

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