Aleks Slota
So, 10/02/2019, 20:00 Uhr
Konzert / Performance

Sensitive Conditions

solo - performance with sound and movement

A collision.
A body lying on the ground, an effect of gravitation.
What was the cause that made me fall?
I get up.
I stand in the middle.
Do I?
What's the reference?
I want to move on, I make a choice, at least I call it a choice.
The way I go isn't as linear as I tent to make it. Some frame must make me move this way.
I dream away, a vague realisation there could be more to it. If only I could change the roles and move that frame, or an awareness of the matter I am...
Because - because of - despite - thanks to?
‘Sensitive Conditions’ aims to unravel settled perceptions on chaos and to broaden and unfold these perceptions.
Throughout history the word ‘Chaos’ has been more and more connoted with disorder and loss of control. What if ‘Chaos’ is in essence a natural complexity and a potential start for creation?
Right after the violent collision of a planet onto another planet or onto a rock, there is damage and loss and at the same time, the clash is a starting point for new fusions, creation and a potential for new life.
The performance is a fragmented zooming in into the consequences of a violation on a body. The body looses its orientation. New choices need to be made and new directions to be gone. Gravity and direction are the tools the body uses to deal with the consequences of the violence and to re-orient. Nevertheless, the order isn't that clear unless the body comes to a point of embracing the consequences of the permanent violence and move to its edge. In that case, chaos can transform into the nature of complexity, non- linearity can become a present and an invitation to clarity. An open field for creation is laid bare.
The piece is performed by one performer with 5 different I Pods with each its sound quality. The body orients its self thanks to and despite the 5 different stations with their respectively sound and creates in this way a composition and supportive labyrinth.
Between the stations there is space to understand the fragmented reality of falling and to transform the loss of orientation into creation.
The performance moves through the different aspects and layers of chaos from concrete to abstract and the other way around.
concept, choreography, performance, sound composition: Charlotte Pauwelyn
outside eye and ear: Tomomi Adachi, Camille Käse, Milla Koistinen, Meltem Nill
voices: Charlotte Pauwelyn, Evan Foster, Zeno Mainardi, Deirdrem Tunney

„Sensitive Conditions“ zielt darauf ab, festgelegte Wahrnehmungen im Chaos zu enträtseln und diese Wahrnehmungen zu erweitern und zu entfalten.

  • Dauer: 00:35h
  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Öffnungszeiten: 1 Stunde vor Vorstellungsbeginn
  • Acker Stadt Palast
  • Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin
  • Barrierefreiheit: motorische Einschränkungen