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Mi, 19/12/2018, 20:00 Uhr
Klangkunst / Sound Art

Zimoun & Sylvain Darrifourcq

Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, his installations incorporate commonplace industrial objects.

Sylvain Darrifourcq is a classically trained percussionist, improviser and composer. Keen on questioning temporality, space and rupture in music, he reaches today a very personal and radical language, which is built around the concepts of «poly-speed» and «physicality».

In 2018, Outbound reflects on our universal experience of time by looking at how the various invited artists interpret time in their own work. Temporal reality, dynamics of change and our experiential encounters with time will be challenged through the confrontation of the different ways to treat its passage: cyclically, linearly, reflectively, and repeating indefinitely.

Broadcast on Cashmere Radio

Zimoun, Electronics, motors
Sylvain Darrifourcq, Drums, electronics, motors


  • Einführung: Outbound presents: Time at a loss #3 - Mechanical rhythms and repetition
  • Kunsthaus KuLe
  • Auguststr.10, Berlin
  • Ticketpreis: 5€ - 7€