, Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela, ZvG
Do, 13/12/2018, 20:00 Uhr


Doppelportrait Andreas Eduardo Frank + Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela

In 2017 the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung initiated the PROGETTO POSITANO scholarship for young composers. Each year the programme offers a four weeks working residence at Wilhelm-Kempff-Kulturstiftung’s Casa Orfeo by the Amalfi coast in Italy to two scholars. Subsequently to their residence ensemble mosaik will present works of those scholars at a double portrait concert in Berlin.
Multimedia works of 2018s scholars Andreas Eduardo Frank and Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela will be performed by the ensemble in December 2018. With his Restore Factory Defaults and a new piece for ensemble Frank broaches the issue of interaction between reality and virtual reality, music and performance. Rodríguez-Valenzuela currently deals with intertextuality, re-interpretation of works of the past and subjective sincerity in the composing process. His 64 daily self-portraits/micro-variations on a motive of Brahms, his new ensemble piece and his T(t)- Blocks for three amplified electronic typewriters, video and objects will also be presented.
In 2017 Johan Svensson received the first one of the PROGETTO POSITANO scholarships.

  • Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela: »T(t)- Blocks A+B+D« für verstärkte Piccoloflöte, Violoncello, 3 verstärkte elektrische Schreibmaschinen, Video und Objekte (2013–14)
  • Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela: »64 daily self-portraits/micro-variations on a motive of Brahms« für Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Klavier (2017)
  • Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela: »(parts I+II+III)« für Player Piano, Ensemble (Flöte, Klarinette, Saxophon, Violoncello, E-Gitarre, Klavier und Schlagzeug) und Video (2014–18)
  • Andreas Eduardo Frank: »Restore factory defaults« audiovisuelles Musiktheater / Performance für verstärkte Stimme, Elektronik und Video (2017)
  • Andreas Eduardo Frank: »Neues Werk« für Ensemble (2018, UA)

ensemble mosaik

Anne-May Krüger, Mezzosopran
Enno Poppe, Dirigent
Bettina Junge, Flöte
Simon Strasser, Oboe
Christian Vogel, Klarinette
Martin Losert, Saxophon
Ernst Surberg, Klavier
Roland Neffe, Schlagzeug
Chatschatur Kanajan, Violine
Karen Lorenz, Viola
Mathis Mayr, Cello
Niklas Seidl, Cello
Arne Vierck, Klangregie
Eckehard Guether, Videotechnik

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