Sa, 29/09/2018, 12:00 Uhr
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Y-E-S Fest

Day 1

Launched in September 2017, Y-E-S is an online platform, a digital publisher and a collective of artists from within different fields of experimental music: Kaj Duncan David, Andreas Dzialocha, Martin Hiendl, Neo Hülcker and Stellan Veloce. Each month at, they release musical works that deal with performativity, the physicality of sound, temporality, perceptual perspectives, interactivity and the framework of the concert industry. The pieces are issued not as audio but rather as scores, often in unorthodox formats such as a video tutorial or a computer game. To celebrate its first year of existence, the collective is organizing Y-E-S Fest at Agora, the art space located in the historical Kindl brewhouse.
Y-E-S Fest is supported by Musikfonds e. V.

  • Neo Hülcker, Stellan Veloce: »Ear Action« for performers and various objects (2016)
  • Martin Hiendl: »still | arriving« for piano and electronics (2017)
  • Andreas Dzialocha: »Cybernetic Gamelan Future Automaton« for laptop performers and projections (2017)
  • Kaj Duncan David: »451« for guitar and electronics (2017)
  • Neo Hülcker: »Crackles« for bodies on stage (2016)
  • Stellan Veloce: »Chiara’s dream piece« for an indefinite number of players (2017)
  • Sam Yulsman, Martin Hiendl: »little moments of invisible deaths (LMOID)« for two pianists and electronics (2018, UA/DE)
  • Marcela Lucatelli: »23 stories on losing my breath« for voices, double bass and electronics (2018, UA/DE)
  • Anne Glassner: »Nap Score« for sleeping people (2018, UA)
  • Jessie Marino, Neo Hülcker, Madison Greenstone: »Tba« for impossible scores (2018, UA)
  • Yiran Zhao: »SSH 1« solo for a head (2015)

Y-E-S Kompanie

Andreas Dzialocha, Performer
Anne Glassner, Performer
Jessie Marino, Performer
Kaj Duncan David, Performer
Marcela Lucatelli, Performer
Neo Hülcker, Performer
Samuel Yulsman, Performer
Yiran Zhao, Performer
Martin Hiendl, Performer
Stellan Veloce, Performer
Madison Greenstone, Performer

All pieces are performed at least once during the festival + discussions, open rehearsals and additional spontaneous performances (with audience) - please check the website for the detailed and current program

  • Dauer: 24:00h
  • Agora Collective
  • Am Sudhaus 2, Berlin