Fr, 21/09/2018, 15:00 Uhr
Diskurs / Workshop

Dieter Schnebel: MO-NO (Ausstellung)

BAM! - Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater

Since the 1960s Dieter Schnebel has been exploring new paths for music theatre. As a teacher at the former Hochschule der Künste, as the organizer of music theatre events there, whose inspiring influence shone far beyond the university, and as the founder of the ensemble "Die Maulwerker" Schnebel, who died in May of this year, was also a central figure for the emergence of a free music theatre scene in Berlin. His intermedial works include graphics and written instructions for “thinking music”, which he published in book form under the title “MO-NO” already in 1969. The exhibition of selected original manuscripts from MO-NO is conceived as a musical and spatial experience of silence, memory and imagination of sound, an inspiration of “thinking music theatre”.

Die Ausstellung von Orginalmanuskripten aus „MO-NO“, Dieter Schnebels musikalischen Grafiken und schriftlichen Denkanweisungen - ist konzipiert als musikalisch-räumliche Erfahrung von klanglicher Imagination und Stille – ein Musiktheater zum Denken.

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