Nonku Phiri
So, 23/09/2018, 20:00 Uhr

Songs we taught your Mother

Dialogues with Recordings From The Music’s Past

For Songs we taught your Mother Solo artists, bands and duos conceptualize a performative work in dialogue with a recording by one or more female jazz- and blues composers from 1920 until today. These works do not only consider the recordings’ sound and musical character, but also the circumstances under which they were made: The desire and necessity to play, obstacles in the way for black women in the music business, political and quotidian events which the composers thematized in their music themselves, etc. Since the early days of jazz and blues women have been part of the movement: Not only as singers, but as instrumentalists, band leaders, composers and arrangers. Often as ghost writers, often paid under the table. Never having been part of the jazz canon or already forgotten. Songs We Taught Your Mother focuses on these women, readdressing the question how gender and origin still influence music production here and now.

  • Nonku Phiri in dialogue with Letta Mbulu's Letta (1970)

Nonku Phiri

Nonku Phiri

Southafrican artist Nonku Phiri in dialogue with Letta Mbulus Album "Letta" (1970 A+M).

Emma Tricard is a Berlin-Based performer, collaborator, choreographer and outside eyes, trained in dance and theater. She likes to disagree and debate around not important topics, in order to see THE ABSURD appearing.

Shanti Osman is an artist, educator and researcher. She works in both school and extracurricular contexts using songwriting, sound art and radio to explore identities, privilege, cultural commodification and appropriation, feminism and decolonisation

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