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Do, 27/09/2018, 20:00 Uhr

Audiovisionen: STECHER & MÖBIUS

Schlagzeug + Feedbacks

Guido Möbius released five albums and countless 7inches, split LPs and single tracks on labels like dekorder, Karaoke Kalk or clapping music. His fifth longplay album “Batagur Baska” came out on Shitkatapult in April 2016.
Möbius performed at international festivals such as Fusion (GER), Lethargy (CH), UH Fest (HU), Norberg (SE) or Nrmal (MEX) and played numerous club tours. Next to his artistic work, he runs the music publishing house Autopilot, which handles the rights of artists such as FS Blumm, the Trabant Echo Orchestra, Nicholas Bussmann or zeitkratzer. Möbius is also one of Germanys prime PR agents for leftfield music. His clients are international record companies and many of Berlin’s most interesting music events including CTM Festival.


Andi Stecher is an Austrian born and Berlin based drummer, percussionist and electronic musician. His current focus lies on solo compositions and live sets. In June 2015, Stecher released his first solo album austreiben/antreiben through Heart of Noise Edition. It is a personal take on mask-wearing traditions/pre-christian alpine traditions which are widespread all over Europe. Crudeness and fury, coarseness, death and fertility are placed into tonal form. He works with a raw, undefined palette
of sounds as well as repetitive rhythm to create his compositions.


Stecher + Möbius

Guido Möbius, Feedbacks / Gitarre
Andreas Stecher, Schlagzeug

  • Dauer: 1h
  • Kulturraum Zwingli Kirche
  • Rotherstrasse 10, Berlin
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