Digital in Berlin
Sa, 11/08/2018, 20:00 Uhr
Konzert / Klangkunst

Digital in Berlin's 10 Years in Sound Day 2

Laura Cannell

Laura Cannell is an experimental violinist drawing on the sometimes-dissonant chords of medieval music. She has composed works for the London Barbican, the Huddersfield Contemporary Festival and has been lauded by The Guardian amongst others.

ERCKLENTZ, NEUMANN, SUZUKI premiere as a trio. The musicians want to explore the intersections between club-oriented, danceable and experimental “autonomous” music and open up new aesthetic spaces through mutual contagion.

AUF comprises of singer, composer and guitar player Anne Rolfs and drummer Mathias Brendel who celebrate the release of their latest effort, the grandiose ‘Getimed’. They play a type of rock music that is at once frantic and painfully precise,