UCC Harlo
Mo, 05/03/2018, 21:00 Uhr

Eric Wong | Annie Gårlid/UCC Harlo | Ruben Patiño

Labor Sonor im März 2018

http://ericszehonwong.tumblr.com/ | https://soundcloud.com/uccharlo";; | http://www.patooo.net/ | http://laborsonor.de

– Eric Wong | solo

, Sine Waves + Gitarre

In Eric Wong´s piece the guitar is played with an e-bow, in attempt to create pitches that are as close to that of the sine waves as possible, but as an equally tempered instrument, the guitar will not be unison to neither of the sine waves.

– Annie Gårlid / UCC Harlo | solo

, Computer + Stimme

As UCC Harlo, Annie Gårlid proposes sonic reconciliations between the old and the new and contemplates post-post-internet-age relationships to the natural world.

– Ruben Patiño | solo

, Lach-Samples + Electronics

Ruben Patiño presents 3-channel audio piece exclusively based on the manipulation of laughing samples.


  • Bemerkungen zum Datum und Uhrzeit: Tür öffnet um 20:30, erstes Konzert beginnt 21:00 | door opens 20:30, first performance starts 21:00
  • Kunsthaus KuLe
  • Auguststr.10, Berlin